Technical Days

The World of Dry Grinding
and Classifying

Welcome to the Technical Days

The World of Dry Grinding and Classifying 

Current developments and future challenges

Dry processing plays an important role in many things in everyday life: starting with food products, such as the first coffee in the morning, to lithium-ion batteries in smartphones.

The mechanical treatment of raw, auxiliary or finished materials is at the core of many production processes in various industries. The production steps of comminution, fine grinding and classification of dry products therefore take on a very high significance.

New, often higher product qualities require new or extended production routes. These constantly pose new challenges to processors and manufacturers of process equipment in terms of achievable final finenesses, particle size distributions, particle structures and the performance of the plant technology.

Fast and meaningful characterization of intermediate and end products is also becoming increasingly important. Here, for example, new optical methods are used, often also for inline or online measurements.

The emission-free safe handling of products, from delivery to the packaged finished product, is also of great importance. All process steps, from dosing and conveying to separation and packaging, present their own challenges. During the event we want to show modern solutions for these processes.

Latest developments and field reports from users in the fields of food & renewable resources , ceramics & materials for electronics as well as battery, fuel cell and carbon materials will round off the comprehensive program.

During the Technical Days, developments and trends in mechanical process engineering as well as the requirements for practical applications in the future will be discussed. The event brings together experts from the various fields of universities, colleges, institutes and industry and contributes to the exchange between developers, system suppliers and users of mechanical process engineering.